Babaloose is an open platform event, for the promoting the politics of performing, and the power of an audience as a spontaneous creative community,

as a sentient and collective mind!

This is a space for you to explore the boundaries or your practice and share your work in a performative way, if you write try reading if you paint try performing if you work alone try standing together.

Thanks again to the glue factory for hosting,

To make you aware,

Nobody is booked to perform,

When I sit down,   after reading this,    short,    introduction

There is nobody scheduled to come up after me.

I have no more material to share with you, this is not like usual


And so, as ever, or perhaps, more than ever

All of you are invited to perform. Take ownership of this space

And to kill the awkward silence with your beautiful words


There are no rules explaining what is allowed, be free, inspire and articulate your mind. Use your data, use your mind


But do be courteous,  be respectful and be aware.

Make space for those less experienced and think of the event as a whole.

Hate speech and misogyny  will not be tolerated.


At BABALOOSE you are the headline act!

If you really want to read something but nerves get the better of you, let someone know and I’m sure one of us “show off” types will be willing to read on your behalf.


This is all 

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